24 05 17

The money is in the list is something we hear a lot of time, but the problem for many people is that they have no list. They struggle to get people to sign up for their list, even though they think they are giving them something of real value, but they have no idea about how to be list building.

To build a list takes a lot of time and patience, you have to have a great hook to get them to opt in to your list,  but then you have to ensure they confirm as you have a double opt in list. This is the list builder most online business owners are told to use, and they then build their business around this idea. Find a product, offer a hook, get a person’s email address and then sell them. So many marketers are content to see that opt in list added to one person a day, but are this really the best way to build a list?

Imagine if the situation was different; imagine if you could build your list faster by using a double opt in list builder.You could use your down link builder, and find that you not only have a double opt in list but you have a double-opt-in viral list. Imagine if that list didn’t grow by a single person a day but hundreds upon hundreds of people. Imagine if suddenly you have a list that is growing so fast you don’t know when it will end. You suddenly realize you have a viral explosion and you can now turn that list into a goldmine as you build a good, deep relationship with them.

As you use your email list builder, you are able to encourage other people to sign up for your list. This means you won’t have to wait years or even months to have that list that you have been dreaming about. As people see the benefits, they will be encouraging others to opt in to your list, and this way your list will grow exponentially.

Just think what you could do as you send out your emails to them, you give them good content, and then your sales is pitched exactly where it is needed, to find them buying the products you know they need. Using the email marketing that many marketers use, you might expect to make a couple of hundred dollars per sales pitch, but if you have a list that is eager to buy then you will be making thousands of dollars per sales pitch.

This really is the reason you should ensure you have a viral network for your mailing list. You need to see other people recommending you to their friend, to their customers, to their prospective customers. Word of mouth does far more to get people to opt in than trying to convince them the traditional way. Your list will keep growing and growing as you use your email list builder. You will be amazed at the difference this way of building your list works in practice. You will be amazed as you see the number of people being added to your list on a daily basis. You will be using viral marketing techniques which will not only increase your list, but also increase your income.